Building a New Brand

Chapman for Senate: “Champion for change”

Project Overview 

Goals: Develop a brand, build name recognition and launch a fully integrated political campaign and marketing strategy for a first-time candidate running against a 26-year incumbent for Delaware State Senate in the Newark/Hockessin area.

Despite being outnumbered with political party registration by a 5 to 3 ratio, I embarked on a venture to challenge an entrenched incumbent for the 8th district seat in the Delaware State Senate. Having been a political strategist behind-the-scenes for a decade, the challenge was to define my own candidacy, create a meaningful brand, build a platform of innovative ideas, develop connections to the community and cultivate a strong base of support to leverage a grassroots and online voter mobilization effort. In the span for six months, we built a team that canvased thousands of houses, pulled together dozens upon dozens of volunteers, raised more than $65k+, launched one of the most innovative marketing campaigns the state has seen and came so close to victory on Election Day – finishing down only by four points.

Grassroots Launch Strategy

Being a innovator and marketing professional, I bypassed the traditional press announce of my candidacy for State Senate and opted for an innovative medium aligned with my target voters: Facebook Live.

Thoughtfully broadcast at lunchtime on a week day, my two-minute video announcement quickly went viral – reaching more than 10k views in just the first 24-hours and establishing Chapman as a “Champion for Change.”

The following day, the success of the campaign launch continued as two complete strangers walked up to me and asked, “Are you the Facebook Senate woman? I saw your video! How can I help?” The Facebook Live announcement of my candidacy helped secure earned media stories, too.

Media Coverage
Marketing Integration

Despite having a lean budget, we optimized our campaign outreach operations to meet each audience segmentation with a targeted message aligned with the best distribution platform. Campaign outreach included owned digital platforms, continued earned media, direct mail, digital ads, e-mail marketing, neighborhood coffees, community events, fundraisers, door knocking, yard signs and cars as mobile billboards through Carvertise, a University of Delaware start up.

Notable Earned Media
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