Shifting Audience Perceptions

Copline Bling

Project Overview

Goals: Increase downloads of LiveSafe app, promote campus safety and shift perceptions to strengthen positive relationship with UD police officers and students.

Based on Drake’s chart-climbing hit “Hotline Bling,” created parody music video: “Copline Bling.” Partnered with University of Delaware Police to develop music video with original lyrics relevant to UD’s safety app (Live Safe), bad dancing in front of a green screen to recreate Drake’s backdrop frame-by-frame and strategic calls to action that resonate with the millennial audience at a time when tensions with police were on the rise nationally with incidents happening as close as Baltimore (Freddie Gray). 

After securing approvals from attorneys and UD leadership, the parody video launched on a Friday afternoon via the UD Facebook page and quickly spread with only organic social media amplification. Within two weeks, the video reached more than 5 million online users and received local, national and global press coverage. Most importantly, more than 500 UD community members downloaded the LiveSafe app, which was more successful than previous efforts combined

Online-Offline Engagement

The video launched at the end of UD’s winter term, an ideal time for online engagement as data showed UD students are glued to their digital devices and eagerly awaiting the start of spring semester.

As a goal was strengthening relationships with UD police officers and students, phase two of the campaign brought the stars of the video to their fans. The first week of the spring semester, UD released a follow up video, “Behind the scenes of #CoplineBling” and set up a meet and greet event, mid-day on campus with the officers who volunteered their time to “dance” in the video, which included the K-9 unit. After seeing the success of app downloads from the parody video, LiveSafe partnered with UD to customize 1,000 #CoplineBling t-shirts to giveaway at the meet and greet event. The shirts went quickly, but students were thrilled to tweet selfies with their favorite dancing officers. 

#CoplineBling Meet and Greet

Sharing our most popular vine in honor of #RIPVine ➡️ Spotted on the green: @udelpolice @youdee00! #CoplineBling

— Univ. of Delaware (@UDelaware) October 27, 2016

Awards and Media Coverage
Impact and Successes
  • LiveSafe app downloads: 500+
  • Video reach: 5 million +
  • Video views: 1 million +
  • Facebook shares: 16,000 +
  • Hashtag uses: 1,000 +
  • New social media followers: 4,000 + (5% increase)
  • Media stories: 25 +
  • Project budget: $0
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